The romance and isolation of staying on a completely uninhabited island in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago. Of course, the silence and isolation of Laguna Azul is at the heart of its appeal, so leave time for a swim out to the platform anchored at dusk — it’s a memory that will linger long jetsetter_logo_blackafter you return to the grid.

Parque Nacional Bastimento Isla Zapatilla

Duration: 4 hours on the island y 1 hour boat transfers

Services Included:

Transfer by open boat from the Lodge to Zapatillas, food and beverage during visiting hours. Equipment for snorkeling.

Activities available:

Snorkeling on the way to Zapatillas, Hike trail in very good condition and accessible to all public (non-disabled) duration of 20minutes to 3 hours depending on customer interest. Potential for interesting birding. Sun & Beach

Brief Description:

Zapatillas Cays the west end of Bastimentos National Park consists of 2 small islands and cays known for its attributes and transparent white beaches and calm sea. Great for guests interested in sun and sand in wild or natural conditions. There are no infrastructure facilities but 1 toilet and 3 showers with office facilities ranger in Zapatilla 2. In this area there is a small dock that allows disembarking persons, otherwise be prepared to get down and up the boat licking and rustic conditions.
In the natural conditions of the area walks around it are viable at low tide.
Snorkeling can be done mainly by the island facilities near the park where there is a small barrier reef.
On the way to and from the hotel is feaseble to watch dolphins and identified 3 points for snorkeling with very good experience whenever weather conditions permit and the currents are calm.

Recommended items to take along:

The Hotel offers: Round boat trip to and from the hotel, life jacket, towels, snorkeling equipment, cooler with drink and water, snacks, sandwiches.

National Park Bastimento Red Frogtop

Duration: 4 hours spent and 2 for the transfer.

Services Included:

-Transfer by open boat from the Eco Boutique to Bastimentos National Park, Red Frog.
-Food and drinks during visit hours.

Activities available:

-Sun and Sea is the main activity.
-Walk along a trail, unpaved road in good condition and accessible to all public (non-disabled) with history of 15 to 20 minutes to reach the beach.
-Walk along the beach.

Brief Description:

Red Frog Beach is part of a tourist and residential complex in Isla Bastimentos and provides public access to beaches.
To get to Red Frog requires a boat transfer from the hotel sailing through the local floclore of Bocas del Toro passing by Cayo Coral the first floating restaurant in the area. Along the way you can spot some of the small keys and different mangrove formations.
Upon arriving at the Marina Village on Isla Bastimentos, guests will then pass through a unique Nature Preserve before arriving at the Red Frog Beach Island Resort. You will experience a unique island eco-system; traveling over the unpaved dirt roads, the sounds of nature abound-exotic birds hide in the tree tops and the occasional sloth reminds guests that this is a place to “take your time” and absorb the surroundings.

Recommended items to take along:

The Hotel offers: shuttle, lifejackets, beach towels (1 per guest), cooler with drinks and drinking water, snacks and sandwiches.

Customer must bring:

Sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, clothing and bathroom access route, mainly shoes or secure sandals money to cancel services, other personal items.


Duration: From 3 minutes up to 3 hours.
2 double kayaks and 1 single
Guide that accompanies or individually depending on experience Lifejacket, Water, Traditional fishing implements.

Activities available:

Kayak tour around the property.
With so much water everywhere around our hotel what better way to connect so intimately with nature than on a kayak trip? Spend your day paddling on pristine waters along amazing our tropical island as well as if you are interested you could do some fishing with the traditional way the local tribes catch fishes.

Brief Description:

The experience of practicing these kayaks area offers diverse landscapes, mangroves opportunity to observe up close and learn about their ecology and ecosystem function and integration between land, mangroves and coral.
Transparency and calm waters around the hotel favor drift with a minimum of effort and observation of biodiversity present and well maintained.

Recommended items to take along:

The Hotel offers: kayaks, lifejackets, drinking water, equipment for traditional fishing.

Customers must bring:

Sunscreen, insect repellent, hat, bathing suit and comfortable clothes to get wet, camera at your risk and any other personal items.

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