Impressions of Bocas del Toro

The first thing you´ll notice (and we  found it fun & original) is that the population of Bocas del Toro have their houses built on stilts at the edge of the sea and is a major attraction for tourists. In Laguna Azul Ecolodge  imagine getting up every day watching the sea in a place as quiet as this has made us move here permanently.

Nature has been generous with this part of the world where the only main attraction here  are the beaches, coral reefs, incredible sea and mangroves that show that the protagonist goes to the outdoors and nature. Here nothing tired or stressful activities, an ideal trip for those who sold out the daily rhythm of work and the city come in search of tranquility.

It should be noted that for all these qualities, is a permanent site and tourist boom is equipped and ready for where you look to welcome tourists from around the world, from small hotels and luxury resorts to cheap guest houses and numerous restaurants that offer  typical food and a wide range of possibilities to choose where to stay or eat.

And this place does not stop when adding activities beneficial to the traveler, and as every tourist spot is the “trump card” nature and gives us the opportunity to perform various activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, sea turtles visit or indigenous communities, or simply bask in some of its incredible beaches. What else can we add? this place gives us the constant feeling of unspoilt, unexplored, unpolluted, a place free from care and friendly and hospitable people where relaxation is assured.

Welcome to Bocas del Toro, visit Isla Popa and spoil yourself at Laguna Azul Ecolodge.




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