PANAMA’S top 11 things to do!

What people like most about Panama? Check this top 11:

1. Do Carnaval on the Azuero, or Penonome. Its 3 – 5 days non stop party (depends on where)

2. 11. Do Bocas del Toro. Due to its isolation from large cities, river mouths and thanks to the fact that Bocas del Toro is outside of the Caribbean’s Hurricane Zone, the reefs of Bocas Del Toro in Panama have some of the best preserved hard and soft coral in the world. Bocas del Toro is home to 95% of the coral species found in the Caribbean Sea, with many unique and endemic species to our area.

3. Visit the Chiriqui Highlands. Make the hike around Volcan Baru. Its more downhill from the Guadelupe/Cerro Punta to Boquete side.

4. Party Panama City, Hit the Amador causeway. The City is a real city. It goes all night long, Especially towards the weekend.

5. Hit the Pacific Beaches. From Gorgona, to Santa Clara, lotsa beautiful beaches with nice places to hang out, etc.

6. Go up the road into the Altos De Campana National Park. Pack a picnic lunch. Take your camera for the awsome view. Check the cloud forest out. Drinks some beer in Chica (the village below, nothing special, just cheap beer).

7. Visit Portobelo area. Chill, eat, and snorkel. Visit the old fort, then maybe to fort San Lorenzo, west, north, and west

8. Visit an stay in San Blas. But be ready to amuse yourself after dark. There is no nightlife.

9. Visit El Valle. Spend a day or two, check out the waterfalls and zoo.

10. Wander the Azuero, hang out with the people. there are a lot of unusual and hidden places out there. This requires a ability with spanish. Not many gringos live or visit there.

11. Take a fishing trip from the Gamboa boat launch, through the Parque Soberania. Even if you don’t want to fish, you will see ships on the canal, and much jungle and critters. If you fish, you will catch many large peacock bass and oscars.

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